Ways of Seeing

Great photography is about seeing the world anew. A new angle, a new light, a new frame that makes the world we know speak to us again in an unknown voice. Sometimes context is everything. Sometimes it is about capturing just that one glance. My passion and my vocation for over twenty years has been to find a new way of seeing the world. As an award-winning photographer, I’d love to share my experience with you.

While I will cover the technical aspects of photography to any level that you require, my teaching aims to communicate the fundamentals of photography, i.e. the artistic and in a sense spiritual engagement with the world that truly engaging photography requires.

Tailored Teaching

Whether you are right at the start of your journey with photography or a seasoned hobbyist I can design a level of tuition based on your needs that takes your photographic practice to the next level. My lessons are always tailored to what you as the client want to get from the tuition.

According to your requirements we can cover landscape, portrait, street and documentary - film, digital and pinhole photography.

Lessons can be conducted in the form of one-to-one photowalks but this format ranges from serious hill walking in the search for hidden landscapes to fixed landmark locations with little to no walking during the lesson. It 's your choice.


Not just a one-off experience, I’m always happy to follow up my lessons with support and advice via the telephone and email.


Costs and equipment

I offer One-to-one tuition or the cost of each session can be divided amongst and up to 3 people if required.

⁃ Single location:  4+ hour session concentrating on a single area. Ideal for street and documentary  £160

⁃ Photowalks:  6+ hours of walking, shooting and informed tuition  £240

⁃ Portrait workshop:  4+ hour location portrait session including a willing model  £240


Film / digital cameras and other equipment can be provided on request

Gift vouchers:  thinking of giving a lesson as a gift? I offer gift vouchers on request.


Get in touch to design your ideal lesson