My approach to portrait photography is simple. I aim to capture the true personality of my subjects through the perfect combination of formal photographic elements and insightful observation of the sitter. My mission is to capture people in unexpected but authentic ways, producing images that will be appreciated for years.

I honed my approach, which produces organic, understated yet visceral portraits across a decade and a half at 'Criterion', my award winning portrait photography studio in the city of Bath.

I work with film stock. Your portrait will be a complete analogue capture to true c-type or B&W finished hand prints. Within this framework I always experiment with the right technique to capture my subject, using everything from pinhole techniques to grainy lens imagery.

I consult my subjects to decide whether a home shoot or external location will lead to the best results for them. In fact I personally handle every aspect of the portrait, from this decision through to the production of the hand prints in the darkroom.

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